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We at Ortix Health Home Care believe in bringing the state of the art Medical Facilities with Experienced and Trained Professionals to your Doorstep. Our Vision is to make Primary Health affordable and reachable for everyone.

  • Affordable Health Care at Home
  • Qualitative Equipment at Doorstep
  • Health Services by Trained Professionals
  • Covers a Wide Range of Medical Services
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Our Health Care Services

Ortix Health Home Care Deals in a Wide Range of Medical Services, Get in touch with us for Excellent Medical Services at Home.


Method which focuses on the science of movement and helps people to restore and maintain their physical strength.

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It is a Profession focused on the care of individuals & families so they may attain a healthy quality of life.

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It is designed to be in direct contact with the wound, a form a bandage, often used to hold a dressing in place.

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Elder Care

It is specialized care that is designed to meet the needs of senior citizens at various stages.

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Trained Attendants

They help with personal grooming, movement, feeding, light housekeeping, and are trained to monitor general health.

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Medical Equipment

Get the Best Medical Equipment such as medical supplies, surgical instruments for personal care at home.

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Nutrition & Diet Consultation

Get the Best Diet Plan, Online Weight Loss Program, with India's Top Nutritionist Consult with a best online dietician.

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Critical care is medical care for people who have life-threatening injuries and illnesses. We Bring Facilities to Home.

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Lab Tests

You can choose the tests of your preference and get the hassle-free experience of a diagnostic center at the comfort of your home.

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Our innovative home-based orthopedic program provides individualized care. Improves your Quality of Life.

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Bringing the Best of Neurologist Medical Care at your Doorstep, We have the Best Neurologist in Town.

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Avail Expert Dental Care at Home. Get Denture, Root canal, & Other Dental Treatment at your Doorstep.

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Physiotherapist Near me Home visit
Physiotherapist Near me Home visit

Dr Hari Shankar Sharma

Spl in-Emergency Medicine And Critical Care
General Medicine And Internal Medicine



Home Care Nursing Services in Delhi

Protects Your Family From Covid

COVID Home Care Package is specially designed to help the apartment or gated societies to manage COVID within the community in a much safer, accessible, and affordable way

  • Home Isolation We Help in Educating the Families on Isolation
  • Oxygen Therapy We have Oxygen Cylinders Available for your Home
  • Doctor Tele Consultation In Case of Emergency, Our Tele Doctors are Available.
  • Home Sample Collection Our Duly Sanitized Team Comes home to Collect Samples
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Physiotherapy at home in Delhi
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Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi

All of us have well learned the fact in our childhood that "Health is Wealth". But it is adulthood only that makes one realise the truthfulness of the saying. The healthcare system of any country forms its backbone and it is this backbone that keeps the state of its people in healthy affairs. Ortix Health Homecare is a part of the Indian backbone. We believe in delivering such medical services as physiotherapy and nursing, to start with, at your doorstep. Access to medical services made easy, our vision is to provide the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services to all. Be it the remotest of corners in your town, our team of efficient and experienced professionals will be there for the patients out there.

While offering Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi , we at Ortix Health Homecare ensure that utmost safety and sterilization of equipment is ensured to avoid the transfer of infection from any potential source. The team is built of highly trained and experienced professionals who offer nursing services at home . When one looks for "Physiotherapy at home in Delhi", we are likely to pop up on your search page as our services are widespread throughout cities and towns, even to the farthest of posts and corners.

For people, doctors are their guardians and their caretakers. But then there's more to that.They are the heroes of wars only their handsful with a different set of tools and equipment.With our warriors traveling miles to treat their patients, they are nothing less than blessings in disguise. Whether it's a sprain in your lower back because of an accident or the wrong position in which you slept last night, our team is available for service 24*7. It is often believed by us Indians that a patient shows a faster recovery at his home as compared to that in a hospital. Indeed, the treatment through the love of our dear ones is a different cure in itself. Then why not bring home the hospital. We at Ortix Health Homecare ensure that the absence of a hospital is not a cause of hindrance for the patient's treatment. Nursing services at home are provided with due diligence and safety. With us,you are free of all the shackles of going to a hospital. The ambulance fare, the paperwork,the food quality, etcetera, etcetera can sometimes be a lot to be bothered about especiallywith our loved ones not being in the best of their health.

What better a place than one's home to be treated at. Book an appointment today and get personalized home nursing services at the comfort of your home. Be it any lab test, any kind of dressing, need for a nutrition diet consultant, or even an attendant for the elders in your family, contact us. Ortix Health Homecare offers them all.

Nursing Services at Home

Are you looking for skilled in-home nursing care in Delhi? We are pleased to inform you that Ortix Health Care has taken the effort to provide you with the highest quality nursing care available in National Capital City. We provide a wide range of services in the privacy of your own home and guarantee quality and comfort. Our goal is to improve the patient's quality of life while avoiding unnecessary procedures.

A home nursing care service is hiring a professional nurse to come to your home and provide care. Medical and non-medical home nursing services are available. Elderly care, caring, and mother and child care are examples of non-medical care. Medical care, on the other hand, entails a wide range of specialized medical services such as vaccination, IV and infusion therapy, wound dressing, and ophthalmology. At Ortix Health Care you can avail of home nurses in Delhi on both a full-time or half-time basis depending upon the type of care required by the patient.

Among other things, home nurses in Delhi are supposed to give one-on-one care to patients in their homes, maintain the patient's safety in their homes, and educate and enlighten the patient and their family members. A home nurse's main responsibilities in Delhi are as follows:

1. Make a preliminary evaluation of the patient's health.

2. Make a personalized care plan.

3. Keeping track of symptoms and vital indicators

4. Assist in the treatment of plan

Nursing services given in the comfort of your own home are the same as those provided in medical facilities. We deliver high-quality, empathetic treatment that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our mission is to give you top-notch nursing services in Delhi/NCR that are superior to those provided by hospitals! If you're seeking nursing care in the area, Give us a call now.